Why You Should Make Your Own Curtains Using Designer Fabrics

Back in the days before widespread commercial manufacture, we would have made everything in our homes by hand – including blankets, clothing and curtains. Nowadays of course, these items can be purchased conveniently from a variety of shops both on the high street and online, but the beauty of homemade furnishings is still ever-present.

If you’re blessed with artistic flare, you may be used to making curtains with your eyes closed. However, for the majority of us, the idea of creating something like this ourselves seems far too daunting and time consuming to consider.

Recent studies have shown that a small amount of creative practice every day dramatically increases the level of serotonin (‘the happy hormone’) in our brains. So if you’re looking desperately up at your curtains thinking they need a revamp, why not devote an hour each evening to creating your own? You could end up improving both your home’s interior, and your happiness levels.

Not only will you perversely feel more relaxed undertaking this kind of activity instead of being slumped on the sofa, but you will also be able to enjoy your own unique curtains for years to come, knowing that you created them with loving care all by yourself.

There are plenty of online resources to help you with the project, even for complete beginners. Why not utilise your Google search engine to find a website offering free tutorials or advice? There are a range of videos on YouTube that will guide you through the entire process, too.

Once you’ve accepted the challenge, you’ll need to go about sourcing the right material for the job. Your curtains will hang in your home for many years to come, dividing you from the outside world and sheltering your home on cold nights, so it’s important not to rush the process. Spend some time thinking about the colour, design and feel of your ideal fabric.

You may decide to create a mood board of ideas to aid you in your decision-making – this is an incredibly creative and relaxing task in itself. If cutting and sticking from magazines isn’t your thing, there are popular Apps like Pinterest where you can create ‘boards’ of images and creative ideas to help inspire you.

You will need to consider the existing colour scheme of the room you’re creating them for. It’s a good idea to order some sample swatches of fabric that you can hold up against your wall colour and accessories to find a material that will compliment what you already have – unless you’re revamping your entire room.

If you come unstuck when looking for fabrics, don’t be afraid to enlist help. Most suppliers will offer a dedicated customer service team that will be able to aid you in your search for the perfect material. Tell them what your specifications are, and they should be able to help find something from their range to match your requirements.

If you’re used to buying designer curtains, you won’t have to compromise on quality in order to enjoy a look of luxury in your home. There are plenty of retailers out there selling designer fabrics to enable you to make your own bespoke furnishings. Just ensure that the company you use is credible and that they test all of their materials for fire safety and quality.

It’s important to measure your window carefully to make sure you buy enough material – you’ll need to add on another couple of inches for the hem around all sides. Don’t forget to measure the height and width, and if in doubt order more than you think you need – you can always make some matching tie-backs if there is excess.

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